Utopia after Utopia

a Yale University research initiative

Yale Courses, Working Groups, Events


Fall 2016. RUSS 384/690. Avant-Gardes and Emigres: Digital Humanities Lab. Prof. Marijeta Bozovic

Fall 2016. CPLT 841/FILM 409/LITR 306/RSEE 327/RUSS 327/RUSS 776. The Danube River in Literature and Film. Prof. Marijeta Bozovic.

Spring 2015. FILM 360/HUMS 204/LITR 301/RUSS 380. Putin’s Russia and Protest Culture. Prof. Marijeta Bozovic

Working Groups:

Whitney Humanities Center Avant-Gardes: https://whcavantgardes.wordpress.com/

Postwar Culture at Beinecke: http://www.beineckepostwar.com/#!workinggroup/cy2g.

Related Projects:

Digital Humanities and Russian and East European Studies: http://dhrees.yale.edu/

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