Utopia after Utopia

a Yale University research initiative

March Workshop


Welcome to Utopia – for a limited time only, in New Haven! The workshop will take place from 10 am until 5 pm on Friday, March 4, and from 10 am until 3:30 pm on Saturday, March 5. We will provide lunch on both days. All talks will take place in B-04, the downstairs seminar room at 451 College Street.

The Friday workshop will be followed by dinner at 7 pm at Cask Republic (179 Crown Street). The Saturday workshop will be immediately followed by a reception in the Comparative Literature Library in Bingham Hall.  Please find a detailed schedule below:


Friday, March 4

10:00-11:00 — Susan Gal: “Illiberal democracy as everyday practice (Hungary): Hollowing out discourses and institutions,” with a response from Doug Rogers

11:00-12:00 — Aniko Imre: “The Soap Opera of the Cold War,” with a response from Laura Wexler

12:00 – 2:00 — lunch break, catered lunch provided

2:00-3:00 — Magdalena Grabowska: “From peperówka to aktywistka. The transformation of gender politics and aesthetics in post 1945 and post 1989 Poland,” with a response from Marci Shore

3:00-4:00 — Agnieszka Graff: “Worse than Communism and Nazism put together: War on Gender in Poland,” with a response from Marta Figlerowicz

4:00-5:00 — Mitja Velikonja: “Between Collective Memory and Political Action: Emancipative Potentials of Yugo-nostalgia in Post-Dayton Bosnia-Herzegovina,” with a response from Marijeta Bozovic

7:00 — dinner at at Cask Republic (179 Crown Street)


Saturday, March 5

10:00-11:00 — Stephanie Sandler: “Crimes in Paradise, or Danger and Pleasure in the Poetry of Lida Yusupova,” with a response from Molly Brunson

11:00-12:00 — Fabrizio Fenghi “Envisioning a Post-Historical Russian Empire: Aleksandr Dugin’s Eurasia Movement as an Aesthetic-Political Project,” with a response from Serguei Oushakine

12:00 – 2:00 — lunch break, catered lunch provided

2:00-3:30 — Final Roundtable

3:30-5:30 — closing reception in Bingham Hall

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