Utopia after Utopia

a Yale University research initiative

Faculty Seminar Schedule


All “Utopia after Utopia” Faculty Seminar events will take place at the Whitney Humanities Center. While workshops are limited to participants and invited scholars, all screenings and other events are open to the public.

Fall 2015

October 11: Film screening and discussion — “Outskirts” (Окраина), Lutsik 1998.

October 15: Workshop 1. Presentations of work in progress by Marijeta Bozovic, Marta Figlerowicz, Fabrizio Fenghi.

November 12: Workshop 2. Discussion of contemporary Ukraine in politics and culture by Marci Shore, Kateryna Iakovlenko, and Slava Vakarchuk.

December 9: Film screening and discussion — Dec. 9. Hard to be a God” (Трудно быть богом), German 2013.

Spring 2016

January 27: Film screening and discussion — “Major” (Майор), Bykov 2013.

February 10: Film screening and discussion — “For Marx” (За Маркса), Baskova 2013.

February 11: Workshop 3. Presentations of work in progress by Susanna Weygandt (Princeton University) and Jennifer Wilson (University of Pennsylvania).

February 24: Film screening and discussion — “Name Me” (Как Меня Зовут), Saifullaeva 2014.

March 4-5: Final Workshop. 8-10 invited scholars join the Utopia team for an exchange of work in progress, discussion, and planing for future collaboration.

March 9: Film screening and discussion — “The Hope Factory” (Комбинат Надежда), Meshchaninova 2014.

April 6: Film screening and discussion — “Twilight Portrait” (Портрет в Сумерках), Nikonova 2011.

April 8-9: Red on Red: A Symposium on Post-Socialist Art and Critical Theory. All events, including a closing poetry reading are  open to the public.

April 13: Film screening and discussion — Winter Journey” (Зимний Путь), Lvova and Taramaev 2013.

We will partner with other initiatives at Yale University and add other related events of interests to the timeline as information becomes available. The five central events of the faculty seminar are workshops underlined above.

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